Acnemy Antibacterial Pillowcase

Extra soft pillowcase 100% Meryl® Skinlife
1 ud

Acnemy Antibacterial Pillowcase

Extra soft pillowcase 100% Meryl® Skinlife
1 ud
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The perfect accessory for your anti-acne routine. Acnemy’s antibacterial pilowcase has been designed with Nylstar's exclusive Meryl® Skinlife technology with the purpose of taking care of your skin while keeping it hydrated. It also stands out for its anti-acne, anti-aging and anti-frizz properties.

This pillowcase is made of 100% Meryl® Skinlife. Meryl® Skinlife is a vegan, sustainable and antibacterial and thus more skin-friendly alternative to silk fabric.

An innovative technology with antibacterial and antiviral properties which, together with the cover fabric, infused with silver ions, inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, to prevent acne and blemishes.

Conventional pillowcases tend to absorb creams and serums applied to the skin, reducing their effectiveness. Acnemy's antibacterial pillowcase barely absorbs the products applied to the face, thus improving the effectiveness of your facial care routine. And improves skin hydration and firmness by 27% in just 7 days.

In addition, the ultra-soft and innovative fabric of Acnemy’s Pillowcase protects and moisturizes the hair, reducing frizz and offers anti-aging benefits by reducing friction with the skin.

  • Antibacterial, antiviral, hypoallergenic and breathable fabric
  • Prevents acne breakouts
  • Improves the effectiveness of your cosmetics
  • Improves skin hydration by 27%
  • Protects your hair and reduce frizz
  • Prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  • Vegan, Silk-free, cotton-free
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100% MERYL (PA 6.6)

lengend pillowcase

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tina (Salzburg, AT)
Angenehmes Material

Ist für mich aber kein Nachkaufartikel. Soll nur mit 30 Grad gewaschen werden,was für mich absolut unhygenisch ist. Da finde ich Baumwollkissen besser.

Risalie Aprille Lao
Considered my best beauty haul this year

This is such a nice vegan alternative for silk pillow cases, not to mention the price that won't break the bank. It doesn't feel as luxe as silk but functions just as well and maybe even better for acne and hair care. Such a pity that only one color (white is available). I hope that Niche beauty will consider adding more colors and incorporate the same fabric in masks (for maskne). Now that would be another best buy.

D.H. (Cologne, DE)

Also erstmal sind die Maße ja wohl ein Witz. 2 Standardmaße haben sich in DE etabliert (80x40 + 80x80).
Das unlogischste ist aber, dass man es bei max. 30 Grad waschen soll? Es braucht mind. 60 Grad um hygienisch zu waschen und Bakterien abzutöten. Insofern widerlich. Aber bis zu 110 Grad darf man bügeln. Spricht nicht gerade für Qualität, wird daher auch nicht bestellt.

S. (Seraing, BE)

I loved it l from the first night on. It feels soft and cool and in the morning my face really looks fresher and more hydrated. My hair doesn't break or frizz with this.

love it

love it