5 x patches with microdarts for early-stage pimples
6,5 mg / 2,29 oz.


5 x patches with microdarts for early-stage pimples
6,5 mg / 2,29 oz.
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Guess! I disguise while treating. No trick, but a treat. Who am I? Zitless®.

Zitless® is the enemy par excellence of the blind, under the skin pimples (yes, those that hurt). It's a patch that is packed with 24 micro darts filled with a unique blend of ingredients such as retinol, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76, the best ingredients to fight this type of acne. Once applied, the micro darts penetrate the first layers of the skin and dissolve, releasing the active ingredients and treating the problem at its root. No worries, the micro darts do not hurt the skin. Let the patch work for a minimum of two hours. Voilà! Your pimple will have reduced its size and even disappeared. (box includes 5 pcs of the Zitless® patches)

When to use it: 

Use with clean skin on blind, under the skin pimples. Do not apply any product except the cleanser before or after application to that area. Do not use on pimples with pus, for those pimples we recommend Dryzit®

You can combine it with: 

Dryzit® if you have any active pimples with pus.

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    Acne-prone skin

    STEP 1 Wash face with the cleansing gel and allow the area to dry completely.

    STEP 2 Pull out the patch and remove the protective film but avoid touching the microdarts.

    STEP 3 Apply the patch to the desired area and lightly press patch onto zit for a few seconds.

    STEP 4 Leave on patch for at least 2 hours to allow microdarts to dissolve and the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin. Recommend to use overnight.

    If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.


    *Thanks to our constant commitment to innovation and the availability of raw materials due to the current situation, slight modifications may occur in the percentages and/or nomenclature of ingredients and as a consequence, INCIs may vary according to the manufacturing batch. However, the quality, effectiveness and performance of the product are reviewed at each manufacture, as part of our commitment to high quality cosmetics. The most recent and updated version of the ingredient list will always be on the product packaging.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews
    Amelia S (London, GB)
    Great product

    This is a very good product which actually works!! Delivery was quite fast and didn’t had any issues. Thank you!

    S.S. (Bad Vilbel, DE)
    Es hält was es verspricht !

    Es gibt keine anderen Pimple Patches die so gut funktionieren, allerdings ist es schade, dass es nur 5er Packungen gibt, ein bisschen wenig für den Preis und man denkt vermehrt darüber nach ob man es für bestimmte Pickel nutzen sollte. Dennoch MEGA!

    Victoria Schiariti (Dublin, IE)

    Estoy sorprendida de lo bien que funcionaron estos parches. Asumí que iban a ser superiores a los parchecitos comunes, pero no imaginé que me iba a encontrar con un excelente producto que lograra eliminar un granito en solo unas horas. Me resultan un poco caros, pero creo que lo valen.

    María José Bernardo Carbonell (Seville, ES)
    Realmente funciona

    A mi me ha bajado y (parado) la aparición de varios granos que prometían ser bastante grandes. Lo recomiendo al 100%.

    K.R. (Hamburg, DE)
    Wunderwaffe gegen Pickel!

    Bei diesem Produkt wir nicht zu viel versprochen, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Bei den vorher / nachher Bildern finde ich es schön, dass nicht, wie bei anderen Produkten, eine Wunderheilung dargestellt wird. Die patches erzielen genau das angegebene Ergebnis was dort angezeigt wird.
    Der Preis ist natürlich (wie bei anderen Kommentaren zu lesen) für eine Anwendung an jedem Pickel etwas zu hoch. Man überlegt sich dan genau bei welchen Pickel man eins braucht. Für die anderen nutze ich dann das Dryzit. Auch ich würde mir bei der Verpackung weniger Plastik wünschen, verstehe aber, dass die kleinen Nadeln geschützt werden müssen.