kg plastics

Plastic waste produced by each European on average per year

54 percent

of the global plastic waste is single-use plastic packaging.

9 percent

of the world's plastic waste that is actually recycled.

Our Propose

Today, 90% of the raw materials we use to manufacture our products are locally sourced and only 10% of our packaging is made of plastic. For the production of our packaging we mainly use glass and recycled cardboard.


Percentage of our raw materials, sourced from Spain.


Percentage of our packaging that is plastic.


But our commitment goes even further, we are committed to eradicate the use of plastic in our packaging, and work every day to make this possible. our goal is to reach 2025 with a plastic consumption of 0%... In the meantime?
We are proud to partner with PLASTIC BANK to help eliminate plastics from our ocean waters, this is just part of our ongoing effort to reduce our impact and improve sustainability efforts in our packaging practices.

We love animals

At Niche Beauty Lab all of our formulas are vegan and animal cruelty free. We do not test on animals or work with suppliers who do.