Transparent Brand
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Highly effective cosmetic products based on a revolutionary technology developed to treat various skin concerns.

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Acnemy Brand
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Des produits cosmétiques de grande efficacité basés sur une technologie révolutionnaire pour traiter de divers problèmes de peau.

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GymBeauty Brand
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Des produits conçus pour prendre soin de votre peau même pendant le sport, afin de renforcer les bienfaits de l’activité physique sur votre peau.

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Introducing Zitcontrol SPF50, the newest Acnemy product

Facial sunscreen is a product that should never be missing from our daily beauty routine, and not only during the summer. It’s a must-have that should never be neglected, no matter the time of the year. show more


Cellulite: What’s it and how to get rid of it effectively?

Although it is something natural, cellulite or also called “orange-peel skin” has always been one of the biggest concerns for women. That is why we have prepared a complete guide about cellulite [...] show more