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The Original
Deep Cleansing Balm
Deep Cleansing Balm Purifying and Moisturizing Cleansing Balm
Repair Remedy Balm
Repair Remedy Balm Dry Skin Balm
Honey Miracle Mask
Honey Miracle Mask antioxidant Face Mask
Gel To Milk Scrub
Gel To Milk Scrub Nourishing Face Scub
Eye Contour
Eye Contour Eye Contour
Honey Lips
Honey Lips Regenerating and Moisturizing Honey Lip Balm
Intensive Moisturizing Cream
Intensive Moisturizing Cream Moisturizing Face Cream
Power Anti-Aging Cream
Power Anti-Aging Cream antioxidant Face Cream
Total Face Cleansing Oil
Total Face Cleansing Oil Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil
Day & Night Super Serum
Day & Night Super Serum Matifying Face Serum
Background Baby Farm
Título Baby Farm
Tooth Gel
Tooth Gel gingival gel with organic Orange Water
€6.80 €8.00
Diaper Care Cream
Diaper Care Cream anti irration diaper cream
Soothing Chest Rub
Soothing Chest Rub Chest balm with essential oils
Soft As Silk
Soft As Silk Moisturizing Cream
€9.35 €11.00
It's Time to Take a Shower
It's Time to Take a Shower Shampoo + Shower Gel
€7.65 €9.00
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams Relaxing Dietary Supplement
€7.65 €9.00
Cough Remedy
Cough Remedy Dry Cough Dietary Supplement
€7.65 €9.00
Mum & Baby
Mum & Baby Baby Cologne
Gas Relief Remedy
Gas Relief Remedy Gas Relief Lavender Oil
€8.50 €10.00
Background Baby Farm
Honey Lip Scrub
Honey Lip Scrub Lip Scrub
Cucumber Eyes
Cucumber Eyes Eye Contour Decongestive Action
Powerful Honey Balm
Powerful Honey Balm Dry Skin Balm
Apricot + Black Bee Honey...
Apricot + Black Bee Honey Scrub Face Scrub
Chamomile Cleansing Balm
Chamomile Cleansing Balm Purifying and Moisturizing Cleansing Balm
Cannabis + Black Bee Honey...
Cannabis + Black Bee Honey Mask Facial Mask
Background Baby Farm

The perfect combination of nature and science.

Farm To Fresh is the perfect example for where nature and science come together and create something unique.

Every product is formulated only with fresh from the farm, natural and organic ingredients blended with the latest actives in order to maximize your natural beauty. We do not use sulfates, parabens or silicones and we test products ourselves, not on animals.

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Locally Sourced

We use natural ingredients grown locally and sustainably, which we then add to our formulas to ensure their effectiveness and freshness.

Background Baby Farm

Cruelty Free

Nos encanta la miel, es fundamental en nuestra rutina de belleza, pero nuestros criterios para su obtención son tremendamente estrictos y respetuosos con las abejas, nuestras principales aliadas.

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Organic Certified

La mayoría de los ingredientes empleados en nuestras fórmulas son de cultivo orgánico certificado, garantizando la mejor calidad y su sostenibilidad.

No Sulfates

No Parabens

No Silicones