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With our exclusive Hair Follicular Delivery System

  • 100% Natural and Sustainable Technology
  • 10x Penetration and Effectiveness of Hair Actives
  • Light, Non-Greasy and Fast Absorbing Formulas
  • No Slide Effects. No Rebound Effect.
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ESR Tech Hairvest

Rebalance the scapl microbiome

Our technology is able to reset the scalp by controlling the development of pathogenic microorganisms while boosting and preserving the activity of local probiotics and balancing the cutaneous microbiota. By reinforcing hydration, it reduces flaking, improves the scalp's health and gives it a healthier and refreshed feeling, preventing and even reversing problems associated with the scalp and hair in general.

BHR Tech Hairvest

Natural Hair Regrowth by Awakening Inactive Hair Follicles

Our exclusive technology is able to stimulate cellular dynamics to slow hair loss and stimulate dormant follicles. It has a powerful anti-aging effect on hair by stimulating hair follicle metabolism, improving the synthesis of adhesion molecules and multiplying the number of keratinocytes. It reduces hair loss by increasing the amount of anagen hair and decreasing telogen hair in both women and men and by reinforcing the epithelial sheath and hair bulb.

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