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it achieves to transport up to 12 times more of the active ingredient to a targeted skin layer than when an ingredient is used without our ingredient delivery system

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it penetrates the skin quickly and safely while preserving all the ingredient properties

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thanks to this exclusive ingredient encapsulation our formulas achieve incredible results and outperform the market

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NICHOSOME® FOLLICULAR DELIVERY SYSTEM ZINC PCA With the Nichosome® Follicular Delivery System active ingredients are precisely released into the deepest areas of the hair follicle to act more intensely and effectively without the need to use alcoholic solvents for absorption, thus avoiding the effects of dryness and irritation that they cause.

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NICHOSOME® CORNEUM DELIVERY SYSTEM® SALICYLIC ACID / GLYCOLIC ACID The NICHOSOME® CORNEUM DELIVERY SYSTEM is an encapsulation method specially designed for sensitive skin that increases the concentration of the active ingredient in the corneal layer. It minimizes the penetration of acids into other, deeper layers of the skin, thus preventing irritation in the skin.