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Taking care of your skin IS OUR MISSION
We create brands that are safe and respectful of your skin, animals and the planet.
vegan products

When we qualify a product as "vegan", it means that it contains neither animal ingredients nor derivatives thereof.

What's the difference between CRUELTY-FREE and vegan?

This is a Frequent ask. Let's clarify it.
The concept of CRUELTY-FREE refers to the fact that a product and its ingredients have not been tested on animals during its manufacturing process. That is, no animals have been used to test the effectiveness or possible side effects that a cream, serum or any other cosmetic may have. But it can be composed of some ingredient derived from animals, such as honey and beeswax obtained WITHOUT animal abuse.

All Niche Beauty Lab products are CRUELTY-FREE.

Cruelty Free Products
FSPS Products
Clean formula: SILFATE, PARABEN and SILICONE-FREE product

This logo guarantees that this is a product that not only provides multiple benefits for the skin but also cares for the environment. Since it is free of sulphates, parabens and silicones, which are polymers derived mainly from petroleum.

Our R+D department always works with the premise of developing alternative formulas to care for and protect your skin.


Products with a fragrance-free formula prevent the skin from having possible allergic reactions or irritations. Fragrances are composed of allergens and these are responsible for causing some type of reaction. This is especially true for sensitive skin, although all skin types can be affected. It is known by all that the more natural a product is, the better it is accepted by our skin and the more benefits it provides.

Free Fragance Products
Packagin Recyclable Products
RECYCLABLE PACKAGING for more conscious cosmetics

The aim of packaging our products in recyclable packaging is to be able to recycle them in order to respect the environment and give them a longer life. With imagination there are infinite uses for them. For example, a Detox Skinfood glass jar can be reused as a plant pot to grow your own superfoods.


The plastic-free label indicates that the product container is completely free of any plastics. The reduction of this material in our daily life is very important for the care of our planet, that's why in Niche Beauty Lab we work with novel materials and develop together with our suppliers new ways to reduce plastic. It is not yet possible to avoid plastics completely in many products, as most pumps and caps are still need to be made of plastic material to assure safe products, but we are working hard to always decrease the plastic used in our products.

PF Products