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Forget everything you thought you know about skincare. The rules have changed.
At Transparent Lab we are committed to your skin. And we only know one way to do so.
For us, being transparent is the cornerstone of our project, it's the belief that a beauty product is more than just a product that has a specific function on your skin. It is the conviction that skincare must work, convince and convey feelings: our goal is that every time you use one of our formulas, you feel what each and every one of our products is capable of giving you - that indescribable feeling of being in good hands. Your skin concern has a solution, you are on the path that leads to it. Without detours.
This is our project, the truth. Always first
It's not just skincare, it's trust.

What defines us?
icon 1 True Cost.
icon 2 Clean Ingredients.
icon 3 Developed with Care.
icon 4 Transparent Formulas.
icon 5 Maximized Performance.
icon 6 Patented Technology.
Nothing to Hide, Everything to Show

We would like to explain to you what Transparent Lab is, but we are sure that the experience with our products will tell you everything you need to know about us.

If you still want to know more about us before making a move, we will try to summarize in a few lines what we can do for you.

Chances are, it's not the first time you hear about transparency from a beauty brand. But what is an option for them, is part of our DNA.

We boast a technology that puts an end to more than 10 years of obsolete cosmeceuticals and gives rise to a new generation of intelligent skincare.

We have developed our formulas with the same biotechnology that is used in medical applications to treat diseases, such as cancer. This technology makes our formulas up to 12 times more effective than those with traditional active ingredients.

Our exclusive ingredient delivery system makes all Transparent Lab products both functional and capable of acting in targeted skin layers to treat the problem at the source. This allows us to repair the damage caused by specific skin conditions and visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity and hyperpigmentation.

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Develop functional products that optimize the health and appearance of the skin with the objective to focus on your skin concern and offer a tailored solution while making it easy for you to understand when, how, why and for what to use a specific product.


Analyzing the market in a global and objective way has led us to the conclusion that there is still room for improvement. What we have seen is that voracious competition and the endless supply of products caused a change in priorities in the beauty industry. A change in the raison d'être. Skincare should be about solving skin concerns people worry about, and doing so with a realistic approach that brings effective solutions. For this reason, at Transparent Lab we embrace the essence of skincare – to care for your skin - and put ourselves in your position, your skin. Everything revolves around the skin concern. We are certain that focusing on your skin concern and providing you with a solution is the true vision that goes beyond any brand concept or market trend.