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Miracle Essence
Miracle Essence Esencia Multiacción
Day Cream
Day Cream Crema Facial Día
Night Cream
Night Cream Crema Facial Noche
Eye Contour Concentrate
Eye Contour Concentrate Concentrated Eye Treatment
Renewal Cleanser
Renewal Cleanser Limpiador Facial
biod immortal
Face Renewal EGF
Face Renewal EGF Face Repairing Concentrate Treatment
SPF PolluStop Face Gel Cream
SPF PolluStop Face Gel Cream Antipollution Face Cream
SOS Acne Fluid Remedy
SOS Acne Fluid Remedy Face Repairing Concentrate
Sebum Control Face Solution
Sebum Control Face Solution Cleansing Fluid with Seboregulating Benefits
Restoring Hidro Mask
Restoring Hidro Mask No-Rinse Gel face Mask
Acne and Breakouts Face...
Acne and Breakouts Face Cleanser Acne Cleansing Gel


Epigenetic Growth Factors

Growth factors are a set of molecules, mostly of protein nature, which act as cellular messengers. Combined with hormones and neurotransmitters, they play an important role in intercellular communication.

What are the principles of Growth Factors?

The most important of those are the EGF or Epidermal Growth Factors, a natural cell activator of human skin that accelerates the process of cell renewal and activity, which has been subject of study for a long time and earned Cohen and Levi–Montalcini the 1986 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

The EGF works, together with other cell activators, as a messenger between the skin cells. EGF recognizes and binds a specific receptor of the superficial cells of the skin. This receiver receives the message and is responsible for transmitting it to the core of the cell through a complex system of signaling in cascade. Once in the nucleus, the message is translated into different cellular activities, causing the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Growth Factors have many benefits for your skin:

  • - Redefine face contour
  • - Tighten and redensify skin
  • - Refine skin tone and restore skin luminosity
  • - Visibly reduce expression lines and wrinkles; depth and diameter decrease up to 34%
Eye Treatment EGF
Eye Treatment EGF Concentrated Eye Treatment
Epigenetic Collagen Serum
Epigenetic Collagen Serum Anti-aging Serum
Epigenetic Age Reverse
Epigenetic Age Reverse Concentrated Anti-Age Eye Treatment
Anti-Age Face Cleanser
Anti-Age Face Cleanser Face Cleanser with Growth Factors
Hair Loss Solution
Hair Loss Solution Hair Loss Capilar Treatment
Anti Grey Lotion
Anti Grey Lotion Anti grey hair Lotion

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