Zitpeel VS Postzit. Discover their differences and how to combine them

Some of the questions we have gotten the most following the latest Acnemy launch were about the difference between our new product, Zitpeel, and our well-known Postzit.

If you have acne-prone skin, both products are going to be a must-have in your skincare routine. To differentiate and get to know them better, let’s take a look at the purpose of each one of them.


A face serum is a product with a high concentration of active ingredients, allowing it to reach deeper layers of the skin. They also have a specific action, (hydrating, anti-aging, exfoliating…) and do so with a small dose of product. 3 or 4 drops is enough to apply on the face and neck.

One of our serums, that is also the topic of today’s post, is the Postzit by Acnemy. A serum composed of glycolic acid specifically designed to erase the marks that usually remain on the skin after having had acne. In addition to improving the skin in relation to these acne scars, it also improves its texture and tone. Its formula also contains Salicylic Acid and Quora Noni to prevent acne and balance the skin’s microbiome.


A peeling is a skin exfoliation process that removes dead cells from the superficial layers of the skin. Adding a peeling into your skincare routine provides a proper renewal of skin cells, an efficient elimination of impurities and a unified skin tone. In addition to improving skin glow and texture. There are two types of peelings, chemical and mechanical.

Basically, Zitpeel, Acnemy’s latest launch, is a chemical peeling specifically designed for acne-prone skin, which, thanks to its perfect combination of AHA, BHA and PHA acids, acts as a shock treatment against acne outbreaks. It gently exfoliates the skin, in addition to reducing the marks left by spots and unifying the skin tone. It should be applied before sleep, left overnight and the excess product should be removed in the morning.


Both products deal with common areas of skincare, they both help improve the appearance and tone of the skin. Postzit is a product that can be used 3 to 4 times a week as a regular step of your skincare routine. While Zitpeel, being more of a shock treatment and composed of 4 acids, is a somewhat more aggressive product for the skin, that is better to be used occasionally, those weeks when you’re experiencing severe acne outbreaks. During these weeks, you can apply Zitpeel instead of Postzit, just after a wash with the Zitclean cleansing gel, during your nighttime skincare routine and 3 times a week at most. After using Zitpeel, you will be able to see incredible improvement on your skin.

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