Zitless®: How to Get Rid of a Blind, Early-Stage Pimple

Capable of accelerating the healing process of a blind, early-stage pimple thanks to its micro darts, which are composed of a unique blend of the best pimple-fighting ingredients.

We introduce you to the enemy par excellence of the blind, early-stage pimples under the skin. A patch with 24 micro darts composed of pimple-hating ingredients; retinol, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and olipeptide-76. The micro darts penetrate the skin and thus those ingredients are absorbed into the skin and released right at the source of the problem.

How to use?

Before starting, it’s important to know that these patches will help you with the blind pimple under the skin. Avoid using them on pimples with pus, for this type of pimple we recommend Dryzit. Another important fact is that you should remember to use them with clean skin, so you can use Zitclean face cleansing gel before applying the patch.

And now, it’s time to explain how to use the Zitless patches step by step:

First step

The package contains 10 single-use patches. Take out one of the sachets and open it. Inside you will see a patch like the one in the image that goes inside a transparent plastic cover. Take out the patch from the plastic cover.

Second step

Remove the protective cover from the patch, as if it was a sticker. To make it easier to use we have divided the protective cover into two parts, so that you can easily pick it up and avoid touching the center of the patch, the miracle micro darts.

Third step

Hold the patch by the edge, without touching the micro darts and apply it to the blind pimple. Press the patch for a few seconds to the skin, onto the blind pimple. Make sure the patch adheres properly. If you’ve done it right, you’ll feel a little pinch. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt! These are just the ingredient-filled micro darts, which start their work


To maximize the effectiveness of the patch, leave it on for at least 2 hours so that the micro darts can dissolve and the active ingredients are absorbed by the skin. We recommend using it at night.

And that’s how you say goodbye to those annoying zits! Once you’ve tried the Zitless patches, we would like to hear your before-and-after story and show others how it’s possible to win the battle against pimples.
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