Zitkit – The New Acnemy Kit to Fight Acne

If you don’t know Acnemy yet, we launched it in 2020. A brand dedicated to treat acne and fight it effectively thanks to our new and exclusive technology.

Salicylic Acid, Retinol and Niacinamide are some of the active ingredients used in the formulations of Acnemy products. These products are capable of showing improvements in acne-prone skin after only 15 days of use. We want to give all of you the opportunity to try Acnemy. That’s why we have launched a new kit containing four of the products at a reduced price.

The value of the products separately is 55.80€, while the kit is available for only 39.95€, so you save more than 15€.

And that’s not all, the products come in a limited-edition toiletry bag, very practical to carry the products from one place to another with ease. This toiletry bag will not be available for sale separately. So, get yours now!

You need only four products to get rid of acne

The kit includes four of the Acnemy products. The two main products to effectively combat acne breakouts, Zitclean® and Zitcontrol®, as well as two products that will complete the perfect routine, the Dryzit® drying lotion and the magic Zitless® patches.

Zitclean®: a purifying cleansing gel that reduces excess sebum and gently cleanses the skin.

Zitcontrol®: After achieving a clean face, Zitcontrol® will be the other product responsible for controlling, reducing and preventing acne breakouts.

The drying lotion Dryzit® will help you to dry out whiteheads whenever you need it by applying a small amount of product on them. For internal zits, simply place one of the Zitless® patches on the spot to treat it and accelerate healing. 

All products are full-size except for Zitless®, which in this limited-edition pack comes in a box with five patches.

 Zitkit is now available on our website. Get yours now!


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