The Secret of the New Product Line Biod Immortal. Say Goodbye to Wrinkles!

Niche Beauty Lab launches a new cosmetic line capable of delaying the skin aging process.

The secret of Biod Immortal is in the active ingredient Juveleven™ Peptide. This active ingredient was inspired by the Turritopsis Nutricula, better known as the immortal jellyfish, which is known for its incredible capacity for self-regeneration. The biological immortality of this jellyfish has been a source of research for many scientists with the aim of applying the same mechanism of cellular rejuvenation in humans.

After years of analysis and study of this unique feature, the creation of Juveleven™ Peptide, responsible for the surprising results of this new line, has emerged.

Juveleven™ Peptide has many benefits for the skin that help to reduce the signs of aging and make it look younger. As we get older, also our DNA ages due to different external factors and this is one of the reasons why our skin suffers all kinds of damage. Juveleven™ Peptide stimulates the regeneration and protection of DNA and damaged cells, thus delaying the signs of skin aging and giving our skin a photo-protective effect.

The Biod Immortal line is composed of five products that will make you look younger than ever:

Miracle Essence

A multi-action essence that blocks the aging of your skin. It is capable of reducing wrinkles and expression lines by up to 44.5% thanks to its formula and its ultra-moisturizing power. It is not only a powerful anti-aging, when you apply this essence you will also notice your skin purified and toned instantly, as it provides luminosity and a balance between dry and oily areas achieving a unified face.

Renewal Cleanser

It is the perfect facial cleanser to gently remove impurities accumulated on the skin throughout the day and it brings freshness and vitality to the face.

Day Cream

For the day, apply this face cream to protect the skin from pollution. Its formula, enriched with the effective anti-pollution active ingredient, protects us from free radicals and provides the skin with hydration and elasticity, preventing cell deterioration, which is the cause of premature skin aging.

Night Cream

And before going to sleep, use the night cream! It helps to repair the damage caused to the skin by external agents. In addition, thanks to the green caviar, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, provides the necessary hydration and keeps the skin soft and elastic with a healthier appearance.

Eye Contour Concentrate

A young and healthy look is also important. The concentrated eye treatment acts against the three main conditions that the area around the eyes suffers: wrinkles, dark circles, making them up to 19% less visible, and the sleepy eyelid, giving it an elevation of up to 27%. It improves collagen synthesis, gives elasticity and a lifting effect as well as moisturizes the eye area for a fresh look and free from signs of fatigue.

Now that you know about Biod Immortal, give your skin the gift of immortality. Do you dare to try it? We’re sure you’ll love it.

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