The Anti-Acne Miracle

Let’s introduce the latest in acne treatments: Dry Lotion from Farmaskin. This anti-acne is an anti-blemish dry lotion with a powerful 2-in-1 formula that can help to reduce skin imperfections.

The concentrated lotion is basically composed of two parts and helps to reduce and dry out skin imperfections. The transparent liquid is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide, which helps remove excess dirt and impurities, and Calamine, the pinkish lotion on the bottom of the product, which helps to reduce irritation and to soothe skin.

This hard-working formula will help kiss your pimples goodbye in the blink of an eye. Yes, you read that right!

2-in-1 Action

The pink Calamine powder reduces irritation and has excellent soothing properties while the transparent liquid contains active ingredients that help to remove dead skin cells and dry and reduce zits.

What are the effects?

Acts quickly to reduce inflammation and redness

Suitable for sensitive skin

Dries zits from the first application and reduces their size

Purifies and soothes skin of the troubled zone

How do I use it?

First of all, there are no secrets! To start, it is very important that the transparent liquid is not mixed with the pinkish powder. So, do not shake bottle before use.

Apply it before going to bed and regarding your skin care routine, this recommended to use it after cleansing and toning. Use a cotton swab and simply dip it into the sediment at the bottom of the lotion. In this way the cotton swab soaks up both the transparent liquid of Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide as well as the Calamine powder. Finally, apply a dab of the lotion directly onto the surface blemish.

Once applied to troubled areas, let the product work overnight.

The best thing is that you don’t have to wait long to notice the difference. You will see the results already after the first application!

Say goodbye to blemishes with the Farmaskin Dry Lotion the solution to fight zits without drying out or irritating the skin.

If you have already tried our Farmaskin Dry Lotion, then share your experience with us.

And if you have not tried it yet or you still have questions, just leave your question in the comment section below. We are happy to help and resolve any of your doubts!


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