Simplicitea – All the Benefits of Tea in Your Skincare Routine

Tea is a natural product known to have a long list of benefits when taken as an infusion. But you don’t always have to drink the tea to take advantage of its properties. If we think about its characteristics and the benefits it brings when ingested, we should not overlook its application for cosmetics.

Teas, including green, black and red, have been used to improve the overall health and appearance of skin and hair for centuries. Rich in antioxidants and anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, tea is one of the most powerful grocery store staples that can be used topically.

If it is good to drink, it is good for your skin

Simplicitea is the new product line for Formulathions and as the name would suggest, it is all about tea as the main ingredient. One of the most antioxidant elements in nature in all its varieties, thus providing numerous benefits for skin care.

We work with the best teas, extracting their qualities to combine them with highly effective active ingredients that provide solutions to the main challenges for your skin, such as skin aging and protection against environmental stressors.

Find in Simplicitea the essentials for an awesome skincare routine:

Rejuvenating Tonic with Red Tea

Turn Back Time is the rejuvenating tonic of Simplicitea enriched with red tea. Its astringent properties make it work as a sebum regulator and skin conditioner. It also helps eliminate bacteria that accumulate on the skin throughout the day.

Fun fact: tea has more antioxidants than Vitamin C and E, protecting the skin against external aggressions, the main cause of premature skin aging.



Illuminating Serum with White Tea

Glow Drops, is a “must” for any beauty routine. This illuminating serum is the perfect ally to prevent the loss of collagen and elastin, the main responsible for keeping skin young and radiant. Just a couple of drops a day will provide hydration, elasticity and the necessary firmness to the skin, as well as help even out the tone and illuminate the face. It also helps to protect against oxidative stress and sun damage.



Brightening Eye Contour with Black Tea

Black tea is the antioxidant king. It is actually fermented green tea that has gone through a process of withering, rolling, fermentation and drying. This makes it have a higher theine value and also higher mineral values.

The Bright Eyes eye contour is an effective remedy for improving the appearance of bags and dark circles, reducing puffiness and moisturizing the delicate skin of the eye area. In the same way, its high theine content manages to awaken the eye and fill it with light and vitality. The antioxidant values of black tea attenuate the age skineffects.

Detox Face Scrub with Matcha Tea

The antioxidant magic of green tea leaves – also known as matcha – nourishes the skin with great benefits, including a reduction in redness and inflammation caused by environmental free radical damage. It is a detoxifying and decongesting mask.

The No More Impurities face scrub is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects. Matcha tea is the perfect ingredient for facial cleansing, as it helps to decongest the skin and to reduce the redness and inflammation caused by free radicals.

Antioxidant Face Cream with Green Tea

Green tea contains great qualities on a cosmetic level, since it is a component that improves the elasticity of the skin, achieves a uniform tone, reduces inflammation and fights damage caused by UV rays. The City-Proof Skin face cream has a novel texture, light and easily absorbing, thus, becoming the perfect remedy to avoid aging of the skin. For the elaboration of its formula we complement its high antioxidant power with an effective anti-pollution active. This combination creates a protective barrier that prevents external aggressions and keeps the skin looking young and healthy.

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  1. Hola buenas tardes. La crema se puede usar de día como de noche??? Y el exfoliante se usa como limpiador facial de uso diario??

    1. Buenos días Julia,
      La City Proof Skin es una crema de día antiarrugas que lleva un activo anti-polución que actúa como barrera protectora para evitar las agresiones externas.
      En cuanto al exfoliante de Té Matcha, recomendamos su uso de 1 a 2 veces por semana.

      Gracias por escribirnos. Que tengas un buen día.

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