POST-SUMMER ROUTINE: The Must-Haves for your skin care after the summer


Summer is ending in only a few days, months at the beach, more exposure to the sun, chlorinated pools… which means that our skin has been exposed to factors that lead to more clogged pores, skin spots, acne outbreaks, blemishes, dull or dehydrated skin.

Surely you can relate to at least some of these problems and today we bring you the solution with the essentials you should include in your Post-Summer daily skincare routine to have perfect skin.


After months of high temperatures and humid weather, our skin is likely to have accumulated sweat and oil on its surface. To improve the appearance of pores and prevent acne breakouts, it is essential to keep your skin clean with a cleanser that suits your skin type.

Two of our favorite products are Zitclean by Acnemy and Rose Calming by Transparent Lab.

Zitclean is a mild gel with less than 10% surfactants that does not irritate the skin, recommended for acne-prone and oily skin that gently exfoliates, controls acne and excess sebum, and prevents the appearance of acne. 

And Rose Calming Cleanser is a cleanser recommended for all skin types with neutral pH and low surfactant, formulated to respect the skin and effectively remove impurities with its soothing properties, and a nourishing combination to ensure the effectiveness of the cleansing process without altering the natural balance of the skin.


Exfoliation is an important step in your routine and a necessary one if you want to revitalize your skin after the summer, add glow and improve texture. Using an exfoliating toner will make your skin more receptive and allow the ingredients to better penetrate its layers.

A chemical exfoliating toner such as Balancing Peel, made up of a combination of four acids of documented-effectiveness, is a Must-Have in your routine, ready to retexturize the skin, to improve its overall appearance, stimulate cell renewal by activating the skin’s natural regeneration mechanisms and visibly improve evenness and texture for a balanced and radiant complexion.


Skin after summer tends to be more dehydrated and so we need extra hydration and moisturizing for a skin full of elasticity and firmness.

The best serum to help reestablish skin hydration levels and repair the hydrolipidic film is the Ceramide Repair Serum formulated with plant-derived ceramides and highly penetrating Hyaluronic Acid nanovesicles, designed to hydrate from within and stimulate collagen synthesis.


And the Time Reverse Beauty Sleep Mask acts while you sleep, releasing its full power at night, recharging your skin with antioxidants while effectively and effortlessly fighting  signs of aging. Not to mention that it contains hyaluronic acid, therefore also helping hydration.


Reduce & Treat blemishes

After the summer, is when we become aware of some of the effects of the sun on our skin, such as the appearance of dark spots, also known as PIH. 

PIH is a type of hyperpigmentation that can occur on the face and body and appears as flat, brown or black spots, depending on your skin tone, which are caused by an overproduction of melanin following skin inflammation, scarring, hormonal episodes and sun exposure.

PIH Sun Spot Fading Treatment is perfect for treating these dark spots because it contains kojic acid, a star ingredient that will help reduce spots, prevent photoaging and is also an antioxidant. Its formula is complemented by tranexamic acid, azeloglycine, niacinamide and luminia granatum.


Sensitive Areas

Sometimes we forget about the most sensitive areas of the face such as the contour of the eyes and the lips, which are the first areas to be affected by the change of seasons.

The perfect eye contour to start the day with energy is De-Bloat Soothing Eye Serum. Made with Vitamin K1, which is ideal for preventing and correcting the appearance of bags and dark circles, Revital Eyes, a powerful decongestant and circulation stimulator, and caffeine, the ultimate shot of energy you need to get rid of tiredness and fatigue in your eyes.


Eye Repair Complex night eye serum restores moisture levels, stimulates collagen synthesis and combats uneven tone to recharge the finest and most delicate skin on the face, the eye contour area. 

And we can’t forget the lips, use the Overnight Soft + Smooth Lip Treatment lip repair mask that acts on your lips while you sleep, helping to restore their natural appearance thanks to the exclusive combination of a complex of 6 plant-based Ceramides and high penetration Hyaluronic Acid for perfect lips.


Sun Protection

Remember that rays from the sun are not only shining in the summer but also during the rest of the year, sunscreen should be part of our daily facial routine, even when it’s cloudy outside.

Zitcontrol SPF 50 is the perfect product to both protect you daily from the sun and help you fight acne. This lightweight cream contains SPF 50, and is formulated as a mineral-chemical sunscreen hybrid that offers protection against UVA and UVB rays to prevent sun damage and skin aging. This makes it the perfect SPF for your daily skincare routine.


If you want to revitalize your skin after summer time, your daily skincare routine cannot be missing some of these must-haves. What are you waiting for to try them and start your new routine?

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