Maskne – How to Avoid Acne Caused by Wearing a Face Mask

Due to Covid-19, wearing a face mask has become the new normal. However, have you thought about the care our skin needs in this situation?

Nowadays, many people are required to spend long hours wearing a mask, either because they work in public places or because their day-to-day life requires it. Consequently, wearing a face mask can affect this part of the face and cause skin irritation.

Why does mask-wearing affect the skin?

There are many reasons: the continuous friction of the face mask can cause skin irritation, the fact that the skin is covered for long hours and that during the summer season temperatures are higher and we sweat more and thus moisture and dirt is accumulated on the skin under the mask. These factors can skin issues and breakouts of acne and redness. As a result, the term maskne was coined.

Maskne refers to skin issues that appear on the area covered by the mask, such as chin, cheeks and upper lip and thus are related to mask-wearing. Many of us have already experienced this new phenomenon. In the following, you will find some tips on how to take care of your skin in times of pandemics when wearing a mask is obligatory.

How do you take care of your skin while wearing a face mask?

 There are several easy ways to avoid or reduce maskne breakouts. One important aspect is the face mask itself. If we use a cloth mask it should be washed regularly to remove traces of germs, sweat and other components that accumulate on the skin creating impurities. If on the contrary the mask is disposable, it should only be used for the recommended time and then replaced by a new one.

Avoiding makeup in this area of the face may also help. If we are going to wear the mask for many hours, it may be better not to use any makeup, since the only thing it will do is clog pores even more and cause skin damage.

And of course, we must perform a good skin care routine!

Step one:

To begin with, it is necessary to clean our face with a cleansing gel in order to get rid of all the dirt that may have accumulated under the face mask. Acnemy’s Zitclean purifying cleansing gel is a a gentle cleansing gel with less than 10% surfactants, which makes it non-irritating. It also helps to reduce excess sebum, thus controlling and preventing the outbreaks of acne we are facing.Zitclean_Acnemy

Second Step:

The soothing Tonic of Chamomile Infusions is a safe bet in this case. It has anti-inflammatory, healing and sebum regulating properties that will calm our skin as well as comfort it. Exactly what we need to prevent more maskne.

Step three:

Once the tonic is applied, it’s time for the serum. Boddy’s Pharmacy Retinol Exfoliating Serum is rich in pure retinol and AHA, perfect ingredients for the problem to be treated. Besides increasing cell regeneration thanks to its state-of-the-art formula.

Retinol Serum

Fourth step:

To soothe the irritated area and prepare the skin for hours of mask-wearing, we recommend the face mask Sensilim No Redness Calming Therapy by Farmaskin. It repairs the skin’s epidermal barrier and comforts it, preventing redness and soothing existing redness as a result of prolonged mask-wearing.

Sensilim calming mask

Fifth step:

Finally, to finish our super routine, we will apply a moisturizing cream to keep the skin protected all day long. The Acnicure Contol Cream by Farmaskin not only gives us hydration, it also helps to reduce blemishes, controls sebum production and prevents future acne outbreaks – everything our skin needs right now!


Protecting yourself from the virus while taking care of your skin is possible. If you have any doubts about the above-mentioned routine or the Maskne phenomenon, write us and we will solve your doubts.

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