HYALULIP, Perfect lips exist, you just have to take care of them.

Introducing HYALULIP, the new and revolutionary lip treatments to show off moisturized, juicy lips with volume and free of wrinkles, is within everyone’s reach.

Lips are a very important part of the face. They characterize and distinguish us from others. With them, we can express what we feel, like when we smile. And taking care of them should be part of our daily routine, just like taking care of the rest of our face. It’s also one of the most sensitive and delicate zones of our face. 

We want to help you give your lips the attention they deserve while keeping them perfect at all times. HYALULIP has arrived at Niche Beauty Lab to completely revolutionize lip treatments by offering medical-like results with cosmetic solutions.

It comes with 4 highly effective lip treatments to help you overcome these imperfections and make your lips look just like you want them, juicy, plumped and moisturized. They will become your best ally to help you get the lips you’ve always dreamed of. 

This is because their formulas combine the exclusive technology of encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid molecules of high and low molecular weight, capable of treating both the outer and inner part of the lip, and compensating the loss of Hyaluronic Acid that naturally happening over time, completely improving the appearance of your lips.

To discover in detail what each one of them is capable of, keep on reading. 



The perfect lip treatment if you want to improve the volume of your lips instantly. Formulated with our exclusive technology of encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid molecules of high and low molecular weight that manage to treat both the firsts and the deepest layers of the lips. Its formula also contains vegan active ingredients that stimulate circulation, promote water retention and increase collagen production in the lips. 

It acts by providing an instant volumizing effect while improving the shape and natural color of your lips. In addition, its effects can last up to 4 hours.




If you have dry, chapped lips, HYDRATE will be your best ally. This lip moisturizer will help restore optimal moisture levels to your lips. The two types of Hyaluronic Acid present in the formula balance the gradual loss of water, improving the internal and superficial texture of the lips. On top of this, continued use of the product can permanently enhance the volume of your lips.




Improving the uniformity, texture and luminosity of your lips has never been so easy. Thanks to this nocturnal lip peel, you can renew the external layer of the lips while increasing the permeability of the lips’ skin, therefore maximizing the effect of other lip treatments. 

Apply it as the last step of your facial care routine on your lips 3-5 times a week and leave it on overnight. 




And last but not least, PRESERVE. If you have had an aesthetic touch-up on your lips, this treatment is for you. Its main function is to prolong and enhance the effects of a Hyaluronic Acid injection, therefore compensating for its gradual loss that occurs over time. Thanks to the exclusive technology of bioavailable encapsulated molecules shared by the 4 treatments, it manages to transport the Hyaluronic Acid to the deepest layers of the skin and create a protective barrier that slows down water loss and maintains the plumped lips effect. 



Try HYALULIP and give your lips the attention and care they deserve. Visit our website and get the perfect lip treatment for you.

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