Discover VOLUME the lip treatment for instant volumizing effect.

HYALULIP, is our latest launch, a new brand that came to Niche Beauty Lab, to revolutionize the world of lip treatments. Its 4-products lip treatments will help you take care of your lips and give them the attention they deserve. 

We’ve all dreamed of having juicier, fuller and more defined lips like those of our favorite celebrities. Now with VOLUME it is possible.

This lip treatment is mainly designed for all those who want to have fuller lips without having to resort to an aesthetic medical treatment. 

The best thing about it? Its volumizing effect is instantaneous and not only that, but it also improves the shape and enhances the natural color of your lips. The effect can last up to 4 hours. In addition, it improves the volume of your lips in the long term, with continued use. 


You’re probably wondering… What’s its secret?

Well, it is formulated with our exclusive technology of encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid molecules of high and low molecular weight that manage to act both in the firsts and deepest layers of the lips.

Its formula also contains vegan active ingredients that stimulate circulation, promote water retention and increase collagen production in the lips.

Thanks to this exclusive combination, we can instantly maximize the volume, improve the shape and color of your lips .



How to use it?

You can apply VOLUME on your lips daily to enhance volume, shape and natural color. Remember to only apply on the perimeter of the lips without going beyond them. 

You can also combine it with the other treatments according to your lips’ specific needs. Combine it with HYDRATE for extra hydration, with PRESERVE to maintain the effect of a hyaluronic acid injection, and, in case you’ve had a cosmetic lips fix, with PEEL to renew the surface layer of your lips and enhance the effect of the other treatments. 

And finally, you can apply it on your lips simply for a more natural look, or along with your favorite lipstick, for irresistible lips. 


The result

We tested it and… It works! You’ll be amazed at the before and after. Get an instant volumizing effect with a long-lasting effect of up to 4 hours.

If you dream of stunning lips, try VOLUME. Don’t wait any longer. Visit our website to discover the full range of Hyalulip products.


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