Control Acne with The New Zitcontrol® Cream by Acnemy

Tired of trying creams for zits that don’t work?

When you have acne-prone or oily skin, it seems like all the products are working against you. They clog your pores and leave your face looking shiny. Treating zits and acne is a delicate matter, if you don’t use the right product it’s possible that it will get worse and become a more serious problem. Luckily you have found Acnemy, the natural enemy of acne!

Acnemy has different specific products to treat any kind of zits, but today we’re going to explain everything you need to know about Zitcontrol®. A cream truly capable of controlling, reducing and preventing zits. Are you in?

When to use it?

This cream is the perfect ally against active and stubborn zits and acne breakouts. For example, if you usually have zits, surely now that we have to wear the mask for many hours you will have noticed that maskne has appeared. That is, more zits than usual in the area of the face where the mask is worn. You can use it during the day and at night, after having cleaned your face. We recommend using the Zitclean® cleansing gel, which is specifically for oily and acne-prone skin.

The key ingredients that make Zitcontrol® unique

Zitcontrol Acne Face Cream

Additionally, the acids contained in this formula are designed with Nichosome®, an exclusive system for the release of active ingredients that makes our products non-irritating to the skin, while carrying up to 12 times more of the active ingredient than when used without our ingredient delivery system (wow!) and thus incredibly enhancing the effectiveness of our formulas.

The results

Yes, it works. And we’re not just saying that, we’ve tried it ourselves and we’ve seen how zits and acne breakouts have disappeared and our skin has improved.

Before and after aplying ZitcontrolIf you have any questions or doubts, we are here to help you. Write us, we are happy to help you!

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