Cellulite: What’s it and how to get rid of it effectively?

Although it is something natural, cellulite or also called “orange-peel skin” has always been one of the biggest concerns for women. That is why we have prepared a complete guide about cellulite, its different types and some tips and skin care products that will help you treat that orange-peel skin that bothers everybody.

What is it and why does it appear?

Cellulite is a problem of the subcutaneous tissue that causes the appearance of bumps and dimples, which affects almost 90% of women, but also some men.
This is because estrogen, the hormone involved in the menstrual cycle, is responsible for distributing women’s fat generally in the thighs, hips and buttocks: the most common areas for cellulite.
Contrary to popular belief, it is not always associated with excess weight, it is sometimes hereditary and people who are slim can also suffer from it.
There may be different factors that influence the appearance of cellulite: poor circulation, an unbalanced diet, hormonal problems, lack of physical activity, age (as we get older, the skin loses elasticity and becomes more fragile), genetics and so on.

Types of Cellulite

There are different types of cellulite depending on their cause and appearance:
  • Compact cellulite: it often affects adolescents, due to hormonal changes in the body. It is located mainly on the legs and the orange-peel appearance appears by pinching the skin.
  • Flaccid cellulite: It can be seen with the naked eye and is located on the abdomen and inner arms and thighs. It usually appears between the ages of 30 and 40 and its cause is mainly genetic. It is usually aggravated by lack of physical activity, as it reacts as a yo-yo effect to rapid weight loss or gain and sedentary life. In addition, it is usually accompanied by fluid retention.
  • Edematous cellulitis: It is usually accompanied by heaviness in the legs, pain and even difficulty in moving. Its onset is early, at puberty, and it is spongy to the touch.

How to get rid of it

Treating cellulite is most effective in the early stages of cellulite, so treat it as soon as possible. We give you some very useful tips to prevent the problem from getting worse and see how the appearance of your skin improves:
  • Healthy diet – A balanced, low-fat diet is essential. So avoid charcuterie, sauces, full-fat dairy products and sweets, as they are the biggest enemies of cellulite.
  • Good habits – Smoking also has a negative influence, as nicotine narrows blood vessels and affects microcirculation, as does drinking alcohol and soft drinks. Getting enough sleep is another important aspect.
  • Cold showers in an upward direction, from the ankles to the groin will improve microcirculation and the appearance of your skin.
  • Physical activity – Maintaining an active lifestyle will help regulate circulation and strengthen your muscles and skin, thus reducing cellulite.

The best products to help you reduce cellulite

In addition to introducing small changes in your diet and daily routines, the use of key products will be the final step to see your skin improve.
We highly recommend massaging the localized area with FIT BODY HERO, a fast-absorbing anti-cellulite and firming gel formulated with caffeine and plant-derived stem cell extracts.
How to use: After training to increase cellular activity.
It will provide you with a lifting effect, smoothing, toning and visibly reducing cellulite and orange-peel skin.
So, we have seen that cellulite is completely normal but there are always solutions to treat it and prevent it from getting worse. You are just a few small steps away from changing it!
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